Carrier Aircraft Service Unit (f) 44
On February 22, 1944 CASU (f)44 was activated at Point Mugu Hueneme, California. The group consisted of approximately 1100 men and on April 22, 1944 they left the continental United States for Kaneohe Bay, Naval Air Station, Oahu, Hawaii. Two days prior 185 men of CASU (f)44 preceded the group on a coast guard cutter.


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At point Mugu CASU (f)44 was gathered and prepared for the journey that would ultimately take them to Tinian Island, of the Marshall Islands..

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CASU (f)44 had a few eeek layover in Hawaii at Kaneohe Naval Air Station.

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Tinian, one of the Marshall Islands, became the home of CASU (f)44. The Navy shelled the harbor and other defense installations for several days and Marines assaulted Tinian on 24 July. Tinian was declared "safe" by the Fourth Marine Division on 2 August 1944." December 1944 there were an estimated 500 to 1000 Jap soldiers still at large

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WWII Aircraft Nose Art.

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CASU (f)44 Ordinance Team.

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The Japanese

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WWII Aircraft

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The Pacific Islands

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CASU (f)44 Reunion.